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Have you ever wondered who you are or why you are here?
Answers to all the meaningful, significant yet unanswered questions. 



  THE CHANGE OF THE EARTH– I’m tired   Predictions are getting worse, civil unrest spreads, prices are soaring and there is a constant bombardment of negativity from the media. The community is getting tired

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23 March 2022. Lessons on Weather and Earth

23 March 22 Lesson on Weather and Earth – Negative Positive, volcanoes, poles, water spouts, tornados, frost, huge waves and sea storms. Sharon is learning through sensing. In most meditations Geoff (G) and Sharon (S)

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22 March 22 Religions changing & falling away

22 March 22 Religions changing & falling away; Totem pole memory rod, respecting elders; Changing people with kindness, affecting Nature and changing, animals passing on information through DNA, Pollution and the world change to positivity

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SAMURAI SHRINE OF HONOUR.   By This meditation will show you what extreme it was like a few centuries ago. In this meditation we astral travel back in time with a guide called Ishmael who

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The abduction of Maddy

The abduction of Maddy   – Just a reminder It is 14 days since Maddy’s abduction, and her face is printed on the minds of millions of people around the world. The question is why has

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LITTLE PEOPLE In this meditation a stranger channels through Miriam about a new planet for those who wish to evolve faster. Miriam (Stranger) – Greetings my friend. Luke – Welcome. Miriam (Stranger) – I am

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